1.4.1. Trade union alliance annex steps



1.4.1.a. Establishing a TUA: two important aspects

Establishing a TUA: two important aspects


Ř  The key point is how to build a relation among external trade-union reps and internal employees reps within a EWC, while establishing the T.U.A. itself, not to be perceived as “intruders” aiming to impose their vision, their line, and not to be seen as foreigners by the EWC members, Sel.Co. members, President or Secretary.

Such problem, depending on the resistance encountered, can only be faced through the authority and added values brought by the external reps such as experts and Uni coordinator, that are able to overcome also internal skepticism.

This action may be followed by dialogue and discussion that may also be vividly dialectic, and if necessary by variable alliances among different countries, among external and internal reps, based on the shared UNI guidelines and the above mentioned authority conquered on the field.

In the worst case, you may decide to stay out of it, and establish a T.U.A. that does not share or subscribe to specific acts and initiatives of the EWC, but that is capable of conveying its point of view and messages, also critical ones, through alternative proposals that gather ample and crossover forces.



Ř  The commitment required by the guidelines of Uni Europa must take in account the human and financial RESOURCES necessary to achieve the indicated tasks and objectives. A clear understanding of limits of resources is necessary, together with the knowledge of the time available to use these resources. This sometimes pushes or actually compels to merge roles such as that of the technical expert, the political coordinator, or T.U.A coordinator.





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